Friday, June 18, 2010

Countdown to Droid: Day # 12

Welcome back! It's Day #12 and we are ready to rock! Lots of Motorola Droid X news to get to so lets jump in! First off have you heard about this:

The above e-mail went out to press notifying of the event.  June 23rd, this coming Wednesday is the day where we should really get some good news! Also of some interest is the keynote speakers of course Verizon, Google, & Motorola  has one, but, also Adobe does too.....Maybe we'll get lucky and have Froyo with Flash 10.1 already on The Droid X and Droid 2? One can hope!

Next up Verizon has actually updated their Droid site including the Droid X. Not much info given more than it's a 4.3" screen, 8MP camera, and captures 720p. but still nice to see some more official news.

Check out the site at to see for yourself. Also Kellex over at Droid-Life wrote an interesting article about the Droid red eyes...check it out here

Thats gonna wrap up Day #12, tomorrow we'll talk a little more about Google TV. As always please leave any comments or questions you may have. Don't forget to follow us, subscribe to our feed, share us on Facebook or Twitter or follow us on Twitter @ReBuke78. Till next time...

DROID! It's whats for dinner!

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