Saturday, June 12, 2010

Countdown to Droid: Day #8

We've made it to Day #8 the rumor mills have been pretty quiet lately but there's of course some new leaked pics of the Motorola Droid X for size comparison to the Evo & iPhone, and another with the Droid X and Eris:

The Droid X on the left, then EVO, and finally the iPhone on the right. Pic through Boy Genius Report

In this one the Droid X is on the right and the Eris is on the left. Pic also from BGR

Looking pretty big in comparison to the other phones, but not to big for me! One other thing I saw when scouring the blogs today was something I think is awesome and just goes to show how open Google truly is. There's a new App store in the Android Market. Thats right a competing app store in the Android Market. It's called AndSpot Market with their tagline being: "Welcome to the alternative Android Markeplace". Supposedly for those that think its too hard to find apps in the current Android Market either browsing or searching. Only time will tell if they can really outdo Android Market....Won't see something like this happening over at iPhone!

Well this wraps up the blog today, comeback tomorrow for Day #9! Your questions and comments are always welcome!


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