Wednesday, July 7, 2010

#HTC To Complete #Android 2.2 Upgrade By Christmas

HTC's global PR and online community manager; Eric Lin was recently quoted at the Qualcomm Uplinq convention when asked when the Android 2.2 update would arrive for HTC Sense phones he had this to say:

"It takes time to port all of our applications over to Froyo and then make sure that it is running well on each of our devices. That’s not like a one week kind of project. We need to make sure that our applications are taking advantage of the Froyo features. To make sure that they’re all running properly on the OS now that it’s a new version. And then to make sure that it's running on our hardware as well as we expect.  I would believe that we would be done with our Froyo updates before Christmas."

HTC To Complete Android 2.2 Upgrade By Christmas | AndroidGuys

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