Saturday, June 19, 2010

Countdown to Droid: Day #14

Welcome back! We are at the two week mark on our Countdown to Droid! Only 6 weeks to go till i can enjoy that Android goodness (hopefully w/ Froyo!). There's already been an accessory sited on

If you follow the actual link you'll see it won't be released until June 22nd. Which is actually the day before the big announcement as I mentioned in an earlier blog.

I got to say as of right now someone would have to really kick it into high gear and pump out a grade A phone for me to want something other than the Droid X. Although i thought that about the Droid Incredible too, so who really knows until that time comes and I purchase my phone.

Speaking of there's been another sighting of the Droid 2 from a Gizmodo reader:

Check out what their first impressions were and read the whole article here.  Thats gonna wrap another day here at the Countdown! As always please leave any comments or questions you may have. Don't forget to follow us, subscribe to our feed, share us on Facebook or Twitter or follow us on Twitter @ReBuke78. Till next time...

DROID! It's whats for dinner!

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