Saturday, June 19, 2010

Countdown to Droid: Day #15

It's that time again! Thanks for comming back! I got some Droid Incredible news, first off it is actually shipping with a new box that actually looks like it belongs in the family of Droids! No more white boxes!

The second bit of news for the Incredible is kind of worrisome. Check out this Verizon phaseout/closeout list:

Do you see what I see? Thats right the Droid Incredible is at the bottom of that list! How do you phaseout a phone that only came out a couple months ago? Especially seeing as how this is the top Android phone out on Verizon right now IMHO. What kind of updates will they push out if it's already on the closeout list? It's hard to tell. You might also notice the Droid Eris on that list too. Which isn't a big surprise but I was hoping it might get Froyo so we could see what 2.2 could do on an older device. Well what can ya do? No timeframes here or anything so don't get too worried yet but it's on the horizon at Verizon....

Thats gonna wrap up another day here at the Countdown! As always please feel free to leave any questions or comments you may have. Don't forget to follow us on Google, subscribe to our feed, share us on Facebook or Twitter or follow on Twitter @ReBuke78.

DROID! It's what's for dinner!

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