Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Countdown to Droid: Day #18/ Droid X/Droid 2 live wallpaper video and a funny one

Here we go again! It's Day #18 and we're just taking it easy today with a couple videos! The first is a video from Droid-Life of the Droid X/Droid 2 live wallpaper which looks pretty sweet!

The next is a hilarious one over at Mac Life called "The Truth About Android" Check it out for a great laugh!

Well I think thats gonna do it for me today. Taking it easy before the big announcement tomorrow from Motorola & Verizon! Come back tomorrow for all the details! We'll find out if the Droid X release date is actually July 2nd  and all the goodies it has! I for one can't wait! Don't forget to subscribe to the feed, follow on google, or follow me on Twitter via @ReBuke78

DROID! It's Whats for Dinner!

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